VigorBiotics support your brain and your body to fight negative effects of aging

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Muscle atrophy (loss of muscle tissue) is increasingly seen as we age, often leading to:

  • weakness and frailty

  • balance problems and falling

  • movement disability

  • fatigue and depression

✓ Muscle fibers increased >50% after taking VigorBiotics, compared to reduced fibers in aging mice

TA Muscle.jpg
GAS Muscle.jpg
Leg Muscle.jpg

GAS: gastrocnemius, TA: tibialis anterior, CSA: cross-sectional area. ***p < 0.001 compared with non-aging group. ###p < 0.001 compared with aging group.

Ghrelin is a hormone important for stimulating muscle growth. It often decreases during aging.

Increased ghrelin was correlated with increased grip strength

Ghrelin Grip.jpg

VigorBiotics increased ghrelin levels up to 2x the amount seen in aged mice

Ghrelin Stomach.jpg
Ghrelin Serum.jpg

*p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 compared with non-aging group. #p < 0.05 compared with aging group.

✓ The VigorBiotics group was 50% stronger than the aging mice

Grip Strength.jpg

**p < 0.05, *p < 0.01 compared with non-aging group. ###p < 0.001 compared with aging group.


The following benefits to the nervous system have been found[3][4] in aging mice that were given VigorBiotics:


Dopamine is used to send messages in the brain, influencing:

  • movement

  • alertness

  • feeling pleasure​

  • motivation

It tends to decline with age and chronic stress, often leading to cognitive and motor decline.

Taking VigorBiotics significantly raised dopamine in multiple brain areas compared to stressed-state levels.



Another nervous system molecule that declines with aging and chronic stress is BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), essential for:

  • nerve cells growth and survival

  • learning and memory formation

invigorates brain neurons


VigorBiotics increased BDNF levels to nearly twice those of stressed-state levels.

brain fatigue

The negative effects of stress can accumulate with age. Chronic stress plays a role in many health problems:

  • mood disorders

  • heart disease

  • headaches

  • weight gain​​

VigorBiotics significantly decreased stress hormone levels.



Inflammation is a tool used by the immune system, but it also brings negative effects that can cause systemic disease.

VigorBiotics significantly reduced inflammatory IL-6

工作區域 5_edited.jpg

VigorBiotics significantly raised anti-inflammatory IL-10

工作區域 6_edited.jpg


Unfortunately, many potentially beneficial probiotic strains are fragile and die before they reach the gut.

VigorBiotics are different.

They're made of postbiotics and stay potent,    no matter what. There's no need to worry about when to take them or how to store them!

non-viable microorganisms and their components that confer health benefits after being consumed

VigorBiotics are created using a proprietary heat-treatment process. When the probiotic strain L. paracasei PS23 reaches the strongest stage of its life, it is converted into its powerfully effective postbiotic form, VigorBiotics.


VigorBiotics are more stable, more robust, and just as effective as living probiotics.


can be heated to high temperatures


can be stored, wet or dry, for long periods of time


resilient to harsh GI tract conditions